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On this website you will see a clear picture and the facts as to why my service is the very best. It also shows actual results produced for other clients. My service goes beyond just telemarketing, combining emailing & faxing with callig and the right strategies to put you in the best position to close sales, while getting maximum penetration & result in your marketing area.


Set appointments for you or a skilled salesperson to sale your product or service while getting maximum penetration in your marketing area.


Put together an unbeatable turn-key marketing program for your company using all of the tools, techniques & strategies I use to get the very best results possible for your company - at a price that will save you big money over doing all of those things yourself. This will also allow you to hire a TSR who you might pay slightly lower fees to get the job done.

Over 95% of the business decision makers that are reasonably good candidates for what you sale, in your marketing area, will see and hear what you have to offer by the time I am through which also will relate to the maximum number of appointments and sales.

                       MAXIMUM PENETRATION & RESULTS
It takes special skills and know-how to get maximum penetration and results
which can only be obtained through the methodical note taking and rapport building required to build your call back and prospect book.
This is true even if what you are selling is very simple and relatively inexpensive.
To do this for maximum results businesses also need to be separated into different categories and corporate groups need to be carefully identified and worked methodically. The main reason for that is that different types of businesses have different processes for making decisions - and of course coporate offices often make decisions for some or all of the offices under them.
When I am (or your TSR coached by me is) finished you will know the name of and will have talked to 95% of the decision makers in a marketing area (i.e.:metro area).  You will know - out of the companies who have not bought or have agreed to talk more - which ones are candidates for buying and which ones are not.
Backing up your telemarketing with well designed emailing templates for various types of issues and situations you will run across is critical and something I always do. There are several important reasons for doing that. 
Because I combine the know-how for all of these different techniques
& strategies
is why it would be extremely difficult to find someone
who can help you to build  your business  as effectively as I can 
even at  two or three times the fees I charge.
Nothing Takes the Place of Successful Experience !
The Proof is in the Pudding
When I prepared for my first sales job I read books from Zig Ziglar and other sales trainers. I remember my personal sales trainer telling me that while most professional sales trainers were superstars when they worked as salesmen that most of them lose a lot of their skills after becoming sales trainers, but that Zig was an exception to the rule. It's basic common sense why it works that way. And of course, similarly, a person who may have been a great producer but who only sold a couple of different products or services is usually not going to have skills of someone who has been a top producer selling a wide variety of things over his or her sales career.
It was one of my last positions working as an employee. I was tired of having  corporate sales managers waste my time by trying to teach me how to sell using the techniques taught to them by corporate sales trainers - in light of the fact that I was the top producer in the state and in the top 2% nationwide with over 1000 sales representatives. They were costing me and the company money because they were hurting my production by wasting my time.
When my new manager (with his corporate sales training) and a background in that same industry set his sales quota higher than mine I was amused. What was the end result? I sold 50% more in products and services than he did and beat both of the quotas set. I worked under him for many months and he never came very close to matching my production.

"Represent" (do calling for that is) any company that does not do exactly what they say they are going to do for clients or customers or that practices any type of dishonesty.
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